Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flipped Presentation on Flipped Classrooms

My principal asked me if I would do a presentation on flipped classrooms for our school do you say no?

But, I teach full time and I am taking two graduate classes so I didn't really want to add another day to my week when I wasn't going to be home with my wife and her daughters so...I flipped the presentation on flipped classrooms. Here's the video.

Flipped Example of Making Connections

I've been working on flipping my classes this school year and I have been trying to teach my students the importance of making connections when it comes to history. I let them know that no event takes place in a vacuum and that there are many things that connect to and influence any given historical event.

As an example for them I connected Blink 182 to the Roman Empire in a  video that takes about four minutes. Annoyingly, my brain made that connection instantly; even I have a hard time keeping up.